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Titus Ray Thrillers Website

A website dedicated exclusively to the Titus Ray Thriller Series.

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Potter's Word Publishing Website

A website for readers who choose to read clean fiction. Find new releases here from members of American Christian Fiction Writers, plus articles from authors of clean fiction.  Potter's Word Publishing is the publisher of Titus Ray Thrillers.

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Author Luana Ehrlich Facebook Page

The Facebook page dedicated to information about Titus Ray Thrillers, including giveaways,  discounted books, and new releases.

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Goodreads Page for Luana Ehrlich

The world's largest booksite for readers. On this site, you can track the books you're reading, get book recommendations and communicate with other readers and authors.

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Amazon Author Page for Luana Ehrlich

A page on Amazon dedicated exclusively to Author Luana Ehrlich.

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The Blessing Box Blogger

A website featuring truths from God's Word.

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